Sprinkler Activation

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Time to bring your sprinklers out of hibernation?  We'll take care of that for you.

If you miss a step, you'll have water going everywhere. We are meticulous and go step-by-step to ensure a clean startup so that you can celebrate the return of Spring worry-free!

Give yourself a break and let us tackle this chore for you. We service properties throughout Salt Lake County. We leave your yard looking great, with no visible clippings left behind.

When our customers use Cheronimo:

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Home Transition

Mower Failure

Our focus is on being a trusted and reliable go-to partner, on-demand. That means we do not seek out full mowing season contracts with customers. There are plenty of do-it-yourselfers that need a break once in a while, get injured and need a short-term substitute, go on vacation and need a one-time fill-in, or move into a new home and need the prior home maintained until sold. We also help real estate agents maintain homes during that transition period.

Our customers love us not only because we are really good at making lawns look amazing, but because we can be counted on to be there when needed. Allow us to be there for you.





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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is a deposit required prior to the start of this service?  For these services, no. We need access to your home in order to get to the water shut-off and drain valves, so we know that you are placing a lot of trust in us. So we put the same trust in you.
  • How long should it take?  The time required can vary depending on the type of sprinkler system, but 30 to 45 minutes is an average duration.
  • What does the service entail? We'll ensure the backflow preventer is ready to go (if you have one), manually check all water exit/control points (drain valves, zone control valves, hose spigots) to ensure they are closed, turn the water back on to the sprinkler system (either via the basement control valve or the outdoor, underground valve manipulated via a "t-handle"), run each zone one-by-one for as long as is necessary to manually inspect every single sprinkler head to ensure they are working as intended, and then provide you our feedback upon completion.
  • What does the service NOT entail? Repairs of any kind. That's a whole 'nother line of business that we have no interest being in. We like having a customer base that trusts what we tell them. For this service, we achieve that by not having an incentive to find repair work to charge you for. We'll tell you what needs fixing (if anything), and you can take that information to your preferred sprinkler technician. It's a built-in second opinion of sorts while getting your sprinkler system back up and running.