Hire a Helper

If you have everything covered equipment-wise and just need an extra set of hands, put us to work.

​We know that some tasks just need that extra bit of help to get accomplished effectively.  Part of our mission is to become known as the trusted source for that help.


















Frequently Asked Questions  (if your question is not addressed here, check the bottom of the home page)

  • Is a deposit required prior to the start of this service?  There are some unfortunate realities to modern society that we need to protect ourselves from, so we do require a pre-authorization on a credit or debit card of your choosing.  This is simply a hold on that account for a set amount, but no money is actually withdrawn. Upon completion of service, that hold will be removed and you'll pay using your preferred means (cash, venmo, debit, or credit).
    For this service, the hold amount equals the total cost of the service.  So, for example, if you book for 2 hours the hold amount would be $95.
  • Will you do anything I ask you to do?  Well, within reason.......and the law.  We will not do anything that is against the law, nor anything that is morally questionable.  We're looking for everyday folks that just need a hand.
  • What are some examples of how I could use this service?  The possibilities are pretty much limitless, but here's some top of mind examples.  You have a tile or wood floor, or carpet that you want ripped up and you would rather we do it.  You are either moving in or out and you just want an extra hand.  You have an event or a project that you need extra manpower for. You want to repair or install something on your vehicle (for example, a lift kit) that would go much easier or faster with two people.  You want to install new sod yourself, but you don't want it to take forever so you have us help.  You need a hole dug.  As long as you provide whatever tools we might need, we'll help you out with all of these and just about anything else you can think of.
  • I don't know how long I'll need you for. What do I do?  Err on the high side. If you book for four hours but we're done after two, you only pay for two hours.  If you book for two hours but you end up needing us for longer, we'll finalize payment for the two hours and then, assuming we don't have another appointment to get to, initiate a new pre-authorization for however much additional time you estimate needing us for.  We just can't guarantee that we'll be able to stay longer, so that's why it's better to err on the high side. We simply ask that you be sensitive to erring TOO much on the high side, so that we don't lose out on opportunities to help other customers.