Where is the Cheronimo service available?

Cheronimo is a veteran-owned startup company that believes there is unmet demand for a cheap, convenient, short-term rental option for do-it-yourselfers tackling various chores. Homeownership doesn't have to come with a laundry list of expensive equipment that you have to buy and clutter the garage with. Many of it won't get used enough to justify spending your hard-earned money on it.  Just rent what you need, when you need it, and we'll deliver it to you.

So the core of our business is delivering quality equipment at affordable rates to do-it-yourselfers. But nobody knows how to operate our equipment better than we do, so we offer an operator for the equipment to those that would rather we just tackle the chore for them.  And we just genuinely love to work and help others, so might as well offer bare-bones labor for yet another way to help individuals save time, money, and perhaps a few gray hairs when tackling chores.

We currently provide service with FREE delivery and pickup to addresses within the orange shaded region of the map to the right.

​Give us a try! We'd love to have you as one of our earliest supporters.
service map
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If you wish that Cheronimo were available in your area, or you would like for us to add something to our equipment lineup, let us know!  Click here.