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Heights not your thing?

If you have a chore that you need a ladder for, we'll tackle it for you. Just tell us what that is in the "Special Instructions" section of the booking process. We go as high as what can be reached with a 23' extension ladder or a 17' a-frame ladder. If what you need done is beyond that or out of our realm of expertise we'll follow up with you to let you know that. Or you can send us a quick message before booking asking if we can tackle it. More than likely though, we'll be able to handle it.

Give yourself a break and let us tackle this chore for you. We service properties throughout Salt Lake County. We leave your yard looking great, with no visible clippings left behind.

When our customers use Cheronimo:

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Home Transition

Mower Failure

Our focus is on being a trusted and reliable go-to partner, on-demand. That means we do not seek out full mowing season contracts with customers. There are plenty of do-it-yourselfers that need a break once in a while, get injured and need a short-term substitute, go on vacation and need a one-time fill-in, or move into a new home and need the prior home maintained until sold. We also help real estate agents maintain homes during that transition period.

Our customers love us not only because we are really good at making lawns look amazing, but because we can be counted on to be there when needed. Allow us to be there for you.


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