The Snow+Mow Shed is a custom-built, controlled-access storage shed complete with a lawn mower, string trimmer, and leaf blower during the mowing season, and a snow blower during winter. All equipment is battery-powered, with four 7.5aH batteries and rapid chargers included. Each battery provides upwards of 90 minutes of run time.

ego power lawn mower
ego power string trimmer
ego power leaf blower
ego power snow blower

The Snow+Mow Shed is strategically placed within residential communities such that it is within easy walking distance.

Phase 1 testing is currently underway. During this phase, the shed is fully-functioning but with fewer bells and whistles. Customer and community feedback will help drive enhancements for future versions.

28 mowings/year (on average)
If you buy the equipment, it'll sit unused, taking up space, 337 days/year
That's 92% of the year!

Casual Mower


14 mowings/year
351 days/year the equipment sits unused if purchased
That's 96% of the year!

Average Winter

(Salt Lake County)

8 days/year with 3+ inches of accumulation
Some of those days it melts off quickly on its own
That's 98% of the year that you don't need a snow blower!

Active Mower


Just rent it!

You don't have to maintain it. A Cheronimo representative services the equipment on a regular basis.

You don't have to store it. Use that freed up space for more important things.

You don't have to repair it. No more blade sharpenings and replacements, oil changes, winterizings, etc.

You don't have to replace it. No more scrambling when yours breaks down or is stolen.

Salt Lake County, Utah

We want to see this everywhere, but this is where we're getting started.

Pilot Test Locations

We are currently accepting indications of interest from various communities. The ideal community is one where a Snow+Mow Shed can be placed within a short walking distance of many residences. If an HOA contracts out the lawn maintenance and/or snow removal, this is an opportunity to reduce HOA fees by providing all of the necessary equipment for individual residents to do it themselves.

Mowing Season

7 days/week

7 am to 9 pm


7 days/week

24 hrs/day

To Get Access to a Shed

Eventually, the vision is to provide access directly through a smartphone app.

For Phase 1 testing, you simply complete the Access Request Form below. You will be notified once access rights have been granted (typically within one hour). You only do this once. You retain access rights on an ongoing basis.

To Operate the Equipment

All of the equipment in the Snow+Mow Shed is the same equipment available to rent through this website. You can go to that equipment page and you'll find a downloadable User Guide and, in some cases, videos demonstrating the use of it. You can also find User's Guides by selecting from the dropdown list below:

To Pay

Cost is time-based. The rental timer starts at first access of the shed (when the equipment is removed) and the timer stops upon last access of the shed (when the equipment is returned). A credit of 3 minutes is applied to every rental to account for transport time to/from the shed. So if the total rental duration was 25 minutes, you will only be charged for 22 minutes.

For Phase 1 testing, an invoice is emailed to you, which you can pay via credit/debit or Venmo.

Future enhancements will include account-linking through a smartphone app for automatic deduction after each rental.

Rental Duration

< 30 min

30-60 min

60+ min



$9 + $0.20/min

$15 + $0.10/min

Access Request Form

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