Why Rent Instead of Buy?

Let's just break down the lawn mower numbers. Just about every other piece of equipment that we rent is just as, if not more, expensive and gets used far less.  We trust that when you see the cost to rent one through Cheronimo, you'll agree that renting on-demand makes way more sense than buying. The why behind renting a lawn mower through us might not be as intuitive. So let's go through it.

​Approximately 77% of homeowners with a lawn choose to do the mowing themselves.  Some genuinely enjoy it, but most take on the chore because the cost for somebody else to do it is just too high.  So up until now, only one choice remained:  go spend several hundred dollars and hope the lawn mower lasts as long as possible.

Did you know that the average lawn mower sits around unused 337+ days per year?
Did you know that the suggested maintenance schedule for the average gasoline-powered lawn mower includes oil changes every year, changing the air filter every year, replacing the spark plug every year, draining the fuel every year for winter storage, sharpening the blade(s) twice per year, and replacing the blade(s) every two years?  And warranties are routinely not honored by manufacturers for failing to do this?
Did you know that warranties on lawn mowers can be as short as two years?
Did you know that Americans burn over 800 million gallons of gas each year just to mow the lawn?  And that this represents 5% of the nation's air pollution?

Have you wondered why your options for mowing the lawn really haven't changed since the lawn mower was first invented in 1830?  We have. In fact, to be honest, it's bothered us to the point where we're going to see if we can do something about it.

We are providing you with a third option.

With Cheronimo, you could pay less over the lawn mower's warranty period by just renting instead of owning.  Here's numbers for you to consider:

Scenario 1: You buy the same equipment that we provide

The total retail price (including sales tax) of our lawn mower, string trimmer, and blower with accessories is around $1300.​ Consider your annual maintenance costs (roughly $10 for blade sharpenings, and $11 for string replacement). The blade will need to be replaced, at a cost of around $21 every two years.  ​Then consider that the batteries will need to be replaced every three years or so, with costs ranging from $130-$370. And if any of the equipment fails right after the 5-year warranty period, you'll be out of pocket for that replacement cost (roughly $430 for the mower with no accessories, $130 for the trimmer with no accessories, and $99 for the blower with no accessories). Take all of these costs and compare them against what your cost would be if you just rented this equipment from us. Our lowest rate is $5 for 15 minutes. That money only leaves your pocket when you choose to service your lawn, you incur no other costs ever, and you don't have any of that equipment taking up space in your garage.  You'll also be less of a target for theft.  A disturbing number of our customers come to us as a result of this.  We trust you can do the math and determine that buying this equipment is not the best use of your hard-earned money.

Scenario 2: You buy the cheapest equipment you can find

If you want the lawn mower to have bagging capability, and you don't want to be tripping over an extension cord while doing the work, you'll be looking at a gas-powered mower and you can find something for perhaps around $213 with tax. You can find a battery-powered string trimmer and a blower for as little as around $100 total. That gas-powered mower will require more maintenance each year, perhaps around $14 in fuel, $2 in oil, $6 for an air filter, $5 for a spark plug, and $5 in blade sharpenings. You'll spend around $8 per year for new string for the trimmer.  And every two years, if the mower lasts that long, you'll spend around $21 for a new blade.  You'll get what you pay for with this equipment though, with a typical warranty period being two years.  Every time this equipment fails, you're either jumping through hoops to figure out how to get it fixed or you're repurchasing a new one.  Do this math, and we're confident that you'll still see value in just renting the equipment on-demand.  Especially when you factor in only paying a small amount when necessary versus a large amount upfront, and considering the peace of mind gained from offloading maintenance, cleaning, and storage responsibilities onto us. And again, you make yourself less of a target for theft.

Oh...and if we're successful at changing the way people think about tackling the lawn mowing chore (and renting battery-powered push mowers instead of buying gasoline-powered ones), we estimate that we can reduce net carbon emissions by nearly 116 billion pounds per year. And this doesn't even include the positive environmental impact from renting all of our other non-gasoline powered equipment. Not too shabby!

Let's Get Renting!