When you need the right equipment for a chore...
       when you want to offload a chore onto us... or
               when you just need an extra hand, let us be your chore hero!


Full Service

Hire a Helper

Don't buy something that sits unused ​337+ days per year. Just rent it!
Nobody knows how to operate our equipment better than we do.
Have everything under control, and just need an extra hand?




Tile Saw

Steam Cleaners

Drywall Lifts

Carpet Blowers

Carpet Cleaners

Demolition Tools

Miter Saws

Table Saws

Nail Guns

Lawn Rollers

Lawn Mowers

Leaf Vacuum/Shredder

Leaf Vacuum/Mulchers


Hedge Trimmers

Pressure Washers

Air Compressors

Pole Saws

​Leaf Cleanup
​Ladder Work
​Weed Pulling
​Bush Removal
Lawn Mowing
Snow Blowing
​​​Gutter Cleaning
Demolition Work
​Mulch Spreading
​Hedge/Plant Trimming
​Tree Trimming/Removal
Sprinkler Winterization
Sprinkler Activation (Spring)
<----- Fulfilled by Cheronimo Property Care, LLC ----->
Did You Know: gasoline-powered lawn mowers, by themselves, are responsible for 5% of our nation's air pollution. All (but three) of our equipment is air, battery, or electric-powered. Not only do we want to save you money and garage storage space, but we are committed to helping improve the air that we all breathe.

We give you options:

1.  Do-it-Yourself (DIY):  we provide the equipment. You do the work.
​2.  Full Service:  we do the work for you. Just book the service you want completed.
3.  Hired Labor:  you lead, we follow. Put us to work for you to complete that chore quicker.

We give you EXACT appointment times (no time windows).

We deliver (and pickup).

We use state-of-the-art eco-friendly equipment.

Rent vs Own:

  • No Cleaning!
  • No Storing!
  • No Repairing!
  • No Theft!
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Service Options

Pay only upon completion of service, with security deposit placed upfront.
​Cash, Venmo, debit, and credit accepted.

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Where is this service available?

The seed is planted in Salt Lake County

Cheronimo is a veteran-owned startup company that believes there is unmet demand for a cheap, convenient, short-term rental option for do-it-yourselfers tackling various chores. Homeownership doesn't have to come with a laundry list of expensive equipment that you have to buy and clutter the garage with. Many of it won't get used enough to justify spending your hard-earned money on it.  Just rent what you need, when you need it, and we'll deliver it to you.

Nobody knows how to operate our equipment better than we do, though, so we offer an operator for the equipment to those that would rather we just tackle the chore for them.  We offer full service for only those chores that we have a lot of experience with, so you can trust that we will provide you with superior quality service.

And we just genuinely love to work and help others, so might as well offer bare-bones labor for yet another way to help individuals save time, money, and perhaps a few gray hairs when tackling chores.

We currently provide service with FREE delivery and pickup to addresses within the orange shaded region of the map to the right.

Give us a try!
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If you wish that Cheronimo were available in your area, or you would like for us to add something to our equipment lineup, let us know!  Click here.

Meet the Owners

Founder / CEO
Bryan is a resident of Midvale, Utah. His professional career began as a Marine Corps Officer from 2001-2005, where he served as a Combat Engineer Platoon Commander, completing two deployments to Iraq. Following military service, he worked his way toward becoming a Certified Financial Planner, where he provided comprehensive financial planning to individuals and families. With a dream to create, to innovate, and to leave a positive mark on the world, he left the financial planning profession in 2015 to develop a business that filled a need while also having a positive environmental impact. Cheronimo is the realization of that dream, with many ambitious goals on the horizon.

​Raised by a home-builder, and a voracious do-it-yourselfer himself, Bryan wants to take all of the lessons learned from his father and from his own life experiences and direct them toward making managing a household less costly, less time-consuming, less stressful, and less impactful on our environment.

Bryan holds a Bachelor of Finance from the University of North Florida, a Master of Business Administration from San Diego State University, and an Executive Certificate in Financial Planning from Georgetown University. Yes, he has spent way too much time in the classroom.
Kalisi is pretty much happy 24/7. It doesn't take much:  a ball, a frisbee, a stick, being allowed to tag along on deliveries. She makes sure Bryan delivers on his promises, and that he treats his customers as good as he treats her. She is a former Lackawanna County volunteer sheriff's deputy, is bilingual (Labrador and preindustrial, mostly religious German), and enjoys a good airing of Battlestar Galactica when the mood strikes.


Assistant to the Regional Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

So you deliver AND pick up rented items? For free?


Yup. You don't need to leave the house, remove seats in your vehicle to create space, borrow a truck from a friend, have the person in front of you in line rent the last in-stock item that you need, find a gas station along the way to return the item, etc. We deliver right to your door, and we pick it back up from you. Just note that we'll do this one time per rental category. So if you rent an item and choose one or more add-ons, we'll deliver everything at your requested delivery time and return to pick everything up together at the end of your chosen rental duration. We don't deliver a main item at one time and then add-ons at a later time, and we don't pickup add-on items at one time and the main item at a different time. Rental items and any add-ons are delivered and picked up as a set.

Can I pick the equipment up myself?


No, that's not our business model.  If we established a storefront where customers came and went, our costs would skyrocket. Those costs would get passed on to you in the form of higher prices. And, we want to open up the opportunity for do-it-yourselfers without a large enough vehicle to transport some of our equipment to gain access to the equipment without having to buy it (or hire someone to do what they would be willing to do themselves). So delivering the equipment to you is a much better fit for what we are trying to accomplish.

How long do I have to wait for delivery?


You don't have to wait at all. We don't do the whole time window thing. We offer exact time appointments. Whatever appointment start time you request, we will be there at that time (usually a few minutes early).
Do you mean how soon can we get the equipment to you?  If it's available, we just need 2 hours notice.

Is a deposit required prior to the start of any services?


There are some unfortunate realities to modern society that we need to protect ourselves from, so we do require a pre-authorization on a credit or debit card of your choosing.  This is simply a hold on that account for a set amount, but no money is actually withdrawn. Upon completion of service, that hold will be removed and you'll pay using your preferred means (cash, venmo, debit, or credit).

For Do-it-Yourself service, the hold amount is $200.  And for both Hire a Helper and Full Service, the hold amount equals the total cost of the service.  So, for example, if you book a 2-hour full service gutter cleaning, the hold amount would be $140.  For Full Service appointments where you do not intend to be home during the service, there are instances where we will waive this hold requirement and send a payment request after-the-fact, but you should expect this hold requirement to apply by default.

Can I rent more than one item at a time?


Absolutely. Book an appointment for one item, and at the end of the booking process (before submittal) you'll be able to add more.

Can I rent multiple things for different durations?


Yes, you can. Main items that is, not add-ons. They will be delivered at the same time, but then picked up at the conclusion of each individual item's chosen rental duration. So, for example, if you need a lawn mower for 30 minutes and scaffolding for 24 hours, we can deliver both to you at the same time, retrieve the lawn mower from you after 30 minutes, and then come back 24 hours after drop-off to retrieve the scaffolding.

I know that I will need the equipment for more than one day. How do I make that booking?


During the booking process, you'll be asked how many days you would like it for.  So select the 24-hour service duration, tell us how many total days you'd like the equipment for, and we'll update the booking accordingly on our end.  If you MIGHT need this for more than one day, but aren't sure, you can book for 24 hours and then request an extension.  The next FAQ addresses how to do that.

How do I request a 24-hour extension?


Just text us, call us, or email us. Done. Make sure to give us enough notice (at least one hour prior to when we are supposed to come pick the equipment back up) so that we don't waste a trip out to you.  If the equipment has been reserved by another customer during that requested extension period, we'll let you know. We can typically get it back to you pretty quickly, but we just can't guarantee that. That's a risk with underestimating the appointment duration. We can only guarantee its availability to you during the reserved time period. If we can't accommodate an extension, we'll still honor the 24-hour extension rate if you allow us to redeliver the equipment to you within 3 calendar days of the date of your extension request.

How do I know how long it will take to complete the job?


Estimate this as best as you can. Service durations allow us to be efficient with our time and to provide you with flexible pricing. We prefer that you err on the high side your first time and then adjust from there for future appointments. For full service appointments, we charge based on how long the service ultimately takes, not how long you book for. And we have no interest in milking the clock. For one, the majority of our business comes through referrals. The best way to get a referral is to earn your trust. For another, we built our pricing structure to incentivize completing jobs as quickly as possible (without sacrificing quality). You'll notice that our hourly rate gets progressively lower the longer the service duration. So our preference is to complete your service request quickly and with great quality, leaving as much time in our day as possible for more appointments.

What if I underestimate the rental duration and my time runs out before the job is finished?


Don't worry about this. We want your business long-term so we couldn't care less if this happens. Just send us a quick text message requesting more time. The final service cost can simply be updated to reflect the actual rental duration. And then this actual rental duration can be used as a benchmark going forward. We add a buffer in our scheduling tool after each appointment to account for possibilities like this, so estimate the rental duration as best you can, and if it takes longer to finish the job we give you that flexibility as best we can. We can't build in an infinite buffer beyond what you initially booked for, so there is the chance that beyond a certain point another customer will be waiting for that equipment. In that instance, we'll work something out with you. If we have to bring equipment back to you after a short break to accommodate another customer, we'll do that with the total rental time picking back up where you left off.
If we are the ones doing the work under the Full Service option, we understand that estimating job completion time accurately is difficult. We take the view that your priority is to get the job completed. So that's our focus. If you've underestimated and we need to pause to go complete another appointment and then return to complete the job, that's what we'll do. And we know that we can't dilly-dally and expect to keep your business. So we have every incentive to work as fast as possible while maintaining high quality of work. What our returning customers do when booking a full service appointment is simply err on the high side when selecting an appointment duration. They know that we only charge for the actual time needed, not how much time they book for. And we've proven our work ethic and high ethical standards.

What happens when I finish if I choose the Do-it-Yourself option?


The Cheronimo representative will depart after handing the equipment over to you (and answering any questions you may have), and will return to pick up the rented equipment at the scheduled appointment end time. At that point, you simply hand the equipment back. Don't even worry about cleaning it. We'll take care of that. Upon return of the equipment, you'll finalize payment either with cash, Venmo, debit, or credit.

What happens if there's inclement weather that impacts job completion?


This is to be expected from time to time. Communication is key. If, prior to your appointment, you need to reschedule because of bad weather, call us, text us, email us, whatever's easiest for you. We'll get you rescheduled and taken care of. Just give us at least one hour's notice so that we don't waste a trip out to you.
If your appointment is already underway and bad weather moves in that impacts your ability to complete your job, you'll have to weigh your options. One of the reasons the price for 24-hour extensions is significantly lower is to account for events like this. You could contact us to see if the appointment can be cut short.  If we have a driver available to get to you, we'll absolutely accommodate that.  We just can't guarantee that. It is typically way more cost effective for you though to just extend the rental than to cut it short and then book another one later. Look at our pricing structure and compare the two scenarios to see what we mean.

Can you provide a quote/estimate for a particular job?


Within the Frequently Asked Questions scattered throughout the Service Options and Pricing section above, we've tried to give some guidance for how long certain services generally take. But estimates are inherently inaccurate, and somebody always walks away unhappy. And though a "free estimate" sounds nice, it's not really free. To provide a reasonably accurate estimate, time has to be spent by the business. And time is money. A business that provides free estimates bakes in an allowance for that time into their pricing structure. Basically, if they didn't provide free estimates, their pricing could be lower.  So we employ a different business model. Our price structure punishes us the longer it takes us to complete a job. So it is in our best interest to, say, crank out two 2-hour appointments than it is to dilly-dally on one appointment for four hours.
​Additionally, none of the services we offer are one-time-ever services. They may only be needed once per year, but that's every year that we would hope to have your business. If you are not happy with the work that we do, we lose your business forever. Not only that, but you won't recommend us to anybody. And the vast majority of our business comes through referrals, so we are enormously sensitive to making sure you pay as little as possible for high quality work.  So, long story short, we don't provide quotes/estimates for individual jobs. We earn our business by earning trust, and growing organically from there after our customers learn how much more affordable we ended up being compared to other "quotes". If your budget is such that you definitely can't spend more than a certain amount on a job, you can set the appointment duration to whatever that limit is, remembering that if it takes us less time you'll be charged less.